Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Hidden Voice.

Here is a painting I was commissioned to do by Greenstone Victim Services in Geraldton ON. They in turn presented it to Diane Redsky, a Governor General's Award winner, who was in Geraldton March 27th, 2017 facilitating a discussion on Human Trafficking, mainly dealing with at risk girls and women who are being targeted for the sex trade.

The painting i did is called "The Hidden Voice" It is done in Acrylic and measures 16in by 20in.

The intent of the painting was to give a voice
to the past and present women and girls who
have gone missing and will never have a voice.

The young girl's shadow is depicted by a
native woman painted in the Woodland style
of art.  It is a reminder of where we came
from and who we are.  The raven in the
background, often seen as a trickster
can show us the truth if we care to
look into our often troubled hearts and
face ourselves. 

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